What If?

Written October 2014.

What if you weren’t reading this blog now?

What if Hitler never rose to power?

What if the world ended on December 21st 2012?

What if you were born in a different place to different parents?

What if you didn’t meet that one person who changed you?

The only reason that I am posing so many “What if” questions is not because I’m crazy (might be at the moment), but to stay awed at the power of infinite possibility and how this world is set in a game of permutations and combinations (PnC) that we are all a part of.

Imagine, every decision that you have taken up till now has lead up to this very moment. This moment.

Including you reading this post

Your life is at it’s peak at this moment and you do not know what will happen next. #YOLO feels, right?

But, this moment right now is the best you can get. You never know if the graph of your life falls or rises after this. And some choices you do not even know about, would have played a huge role already.

Your mind, an interconnection of billions (yes, billions) of neurons. It is one of the biggest PnC by itself. And curiosity is one of the best drugs which will set it alight.

Well, the whole point of what I’m trying to say here is that, since you’re never gonna get this moment back, and it’s highly uncertain/unpredictable how many more such moments you will have, make the right choice.

You might as well just do something you love. Love something to begin with.
Do not fall prey to society. I repeat, do not fall prey to society.

Thank that person who you’ve always wanted to. Tell your parents that you love them. Express your thoughts. Not that superficial Facebook twitter shit, but your real feelings. Share your dreams & visions with the people who matter to you.

Go sing aloud even though you think your voice sucks. Dream more often. Read more. Appreciate things. Play a sport.

Buy your friend a chocolate (or something they love). Do something not for yourself. Write that blog even if you thought it was crazy.

Because (epic quote coming up),

If you have ever had such an intense “realm of possibility” type of thought, do share your experience. I’m sure there will be more people like this who would want their voices to be heard; their words to be read.

Exam times, October 2014



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Vishwas Katti

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